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Concord RV Parks, Waco, Texas
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Concord RV Estates Park

I left a large house with a myriad of maintenance chores that kept me from enjoying my weekends off. I now have minimal upkeep and a lifestyle that allows me to truly enjoy life. The park owners are like a part of my family and have become the best of friends. I enjoy knowing my neighbors who are always ready and willing to lend a hand should I ever need assistance with something. The pleasantries and friendships of the many other residents here add to the value of the park and to the enjoyment of my life. The family meals that are sometimes shared to the coffee times in the morning with friends, are all part of the community experience that prevails here. After 10 years, I have no plans to ever leave. This is home!Bill B.
More than anything I love the friendly atmosphere. All my neighbors are so nice and they make me feel very comfortable. I have a beautiful, private backyard which makes a perfect play area for my grandkids when they visit. The fact that I have a storage area which is large enough for my full-size washer/dryer is a big plus. Also, I love being able to walk from my front door to my car without getting wet when it’s raining. This is my home and I’m very happy here.Connie O.
Since 2007 my wife and I have lived in all three parks. We have now permanently settled into the Estates Park and have no intentions of ever leaving. We love the privacy of having our own fenced yard, especially since we have two little dogs. The place feels very homey—comforting. The neighbors are friendly and we enjoy many activities with them, especially Saturday morning breakfasts at the Community Center. We love it here!Jim O.
Ten years ago my wife and I decided to downsize from a large home to a 36’ 5th wheel. We were moving from the Texas Hill country to Waco. We called the Chamber of Commerce and were told of a new RV Park called “Concord Estates.” I called and the phone was answered by a person called Red. Red told me his place was the Taj Mahal of RV Parks. I took him at his word knowing I could move later if I needed. Now ten years later my wife and I are still living in Concord Estates. We have been made to feel like this is home.Aaron L.

Concord RV Countryview Park

After talking to the owner we honestly thought everything sounded too good to be true. However, we added our names to the waiting list. When a site became available and our name came up on the list, we quickly made a trip from Killeen to Waco. When we saw the Community Center and the available site, we rented it immediately, even though we wouldn’t be moving in for several months. We also love the storage room, which accommodates a full-size washer/dryer. We love the privacy and peaceful living this space gives us.Ruth & Jeremiah S.
My wife and I sold our large house in Waco and have been enjoying our new life in the down sized world for almost two years. We tried several RV spots locally and were unsatisfied with the surroundings. We did meet some nice people on the fly, but there was no stability or down home feeling. Then we landed a spot to park our motorhome here at Concord RV Countryview Park and now we have the best of both worlds. (A motorhome to go for trips when we wish and at the same time a home base with good friends and a great community atmosphere.) We enjoy this place and are glad to be acquainted with Mr. & Mrs. Tiner, whom we have grown to love and respect, and to know that they really do have our best interest at heart. A very rare thing in today’s world.Jerry B.
I like living in Concord RV Park because Red and Dee Tiner make us feel like family. All of our friends we met make us feel like a community. We look out for each other. We have a beautiful yard and privacy fence. When the grandchildren come over they have a swing and place to play.Judy B.
I looked at three or four other parks in the Waco area, before talking to Red Tiner about Concord RV Parks. Because the park/s offered spaces with yards and privacy fences, I chose to get on a waiting list. After several months, they called me with an opening in their Countryview Park. I immediately took it. My space is on the corner underneath some beautiful shade trees. It has privacy fences, a beautiful gate, and an area large enough for a small above-ground pool. I enjoy being able to have my daughters over for cookouts in my backyard. Mostly I love having great neighbors and the sense of close community in this park.Ronnie H.

Concord RV City Park

My original attraction to your park began with your website. The pictures were great and depicted a clean, well maintained park. My lot included a 6-foot privacy fence to help keep my two Chihuahuas enclosed in the yard. Other parks have said: Give me your money. Here is your lot. You’re on your own. Don’t call me. I’ll call you. And then you find out the people you are living with in the park walk around drunk and do drugs. And then you discover there is prostitution in the park, and you get attacked by large dogs running loose. Help!!! Red and Dee Tiner are park owners who truly care about the parks and the people who live in them. They give excellent customer service, and I enjoy the sense of community fostered by Red and Dee in their parks. I look forward to living in this park for a long time to come. To me, City Park is not just an RV park, it is my home. Paula W.
I am 72 years old and have been a resident since 2011. Concord RV Parks is not just an RV park. The park is a well maintained, quiet neighborhood. There are pleasant surroundings with trees, well-kept lawns, and even some mini-gardens. There are grocery stores, department stores, and restaurants, within a 10-mile drive. To the residents who live here, it is a “community” and one that I plan to live in for a long time.Mike A.
As soon as I knew I was going to be moving into a local RV park, of course I called around to compare prices, and Concord RV Parks prices were as good if not better than anyone else’s, but I worked across town and I needed a little more. That’s where the features come in. There are many different configurations that you can choose from, and when you add that to the total cost Concord RV Parks is a hands-down winner.Sonny VZ
I have been a part of the Concord RV Parks family since August 2004. Even though I have an obvious disability, being able to help others in this community has given me purpose. Over the years I have watered and mowed neighbors’ lawns, cared for their pets in their absence, and picked up trash in the park area. Recently I had a stroke and a group of Concord volunteers came to my home and built a more stable porch and handicap ramp for me. I am amazed and blessed by the compassion of the people in our park family. I wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else.Sam T.
I have rented a place in the City Park for the past 21 years, and I have only good things to say. I have always been treated fairly and honestly. I highly recommend Concord RV Parks to anyone looking to reside in a good RV park. The owners provide unique activities for their residents. They continually upgrade their properties and respond to residents’ needs. They truly work at making each resident feel as though they are an important part of a special community.Rich K.

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